Minggu, 16 Juni 2013

I didn't pass my English Test

I didn't pass my english test, because i didn't study seriously the night before. I was asleep after going home. I just feel like "i'm so tired, maybe sleeping can gathering my mood again...". When i woke up, it was 08.30 o'clock! I'm oversleep that time,so i hurried my study that night.

On the next day, the english exam day, i believe in myself that i can do it. Everything was just so fine when i do the exam, until the day i see my exam score. And, i'm so dissapointed.

And i decided from now, i wont think english is easy again. It was teribble to just think of it now, dont know why. And i decided to study English more.

[ Tyara Maulidia -- 85 ]

Selasa, 30 April 2013

Story by Vira Azzahra Rizky

Last week, i was walking around the village with my brother. i was refreshing my self from the exam 2 weeks ago. i walked to the park near my village.

Suddenly me and my brother saw a small boy who was playing alone and digging a soil on the park. We were joined with him. When we were digging, we had found something and we were looking at it. it was a mysterious thing. it looked like a chip. and in the chip was coded a numbers. the numbers was 716827637. i thought it was a secret chip.

first i grabbed and put into a plastic. then i took my mobile phone and called the police. and we told them what we had found. ten minutes later, the police arrived and we explained everything to them. then we went to village again.

the next day, i read an old magazine and unintentionally i found a poster in the magazine that labeled ' MISSING A CHIP THAT CODED 716827637' and i read again it was a chip of video terrorist that planned for bombing a building in the USA. i can't believed that i was found a missing chip.

Story - Raihan Armadyana

a lost ring

About four month ago. I went to my Grandmother’s  house because i finished my first semester and i wanted to relax.

Suddenly, i saw my brothers look something. And i ask to my brothers what they see. And they says its a ring. And i look at it, yes its a ring.

First i was confused because who have that ring. Then i asked to my family who have a ring and my family don’t know about that ring. So i and my family called to the police and i told them what we found. About twenty minutes the police came to my grandmother’s house. And my family tell about the ring. Then the police will find about that ring.

A few weeks later, the police came to my grandmother house and tell about the ring. And the police knew about the ring. And my family asked to police who have a ring and the police answered the queen who have that ring. Then the kingdom say big thanks to my family. And the kingdom give my family a moneys.

Senin, 29 April 2013

Story by Tyara Maulidia

[Bomb In Beach]

Last month, i went to beach for some refreshing air. I though beach is the good place for it. I saw a wave from the sea also, enjoying the morning air. It’s so refreshing! I dont realize i’ve been so long time in beach. So i take a little walk. And, i saw two children were playing sands.

When i look closer, they had found a big bomb! So i ran to them  to keep stay away from that bomb. It might be still active. I call the life-saver and tell him to call the police.

The police come after 25 minutes. They came to me for a many question. I just answer the things i knew. The two children is take to their parents. And the scientist says, the bomb is about been planted since The World War I and it’s age is about 300.000 years ago. It’s rusty and smells bad.

Minggu, 28 April 2013

Story - Fauzan Hazel

A lost phone

It was 4 months ago, when i was walking at one of shopping center in Jakarta to watched movie with my friends.

When i already near the cinema, suddenly i saw a phone fell from a man, then  i put it and when i want to give it back to the man didn't there anymore. So i talk to the security an tell about the phone, then he talk with a speaker to find the man who lost this phone. And the man came to the security and take it. the man said thank you to us, he glad that the phone didn't lost.

Story by Hiroto Rauzan Fikri

The lost money

Once upon a time, I walked on the park, my plan was to met someone at the park, but suddenly I got a text message says that he's not coming to the park because he's sick.

When I went home, I found a strange envelope, when I open it I found $50000!!. I was so surprised, so I went o the nearest police station, maybe the person who has this money came but he didn't.

So the next day I went to park again,after some times I walk around the park, I met someone wandering around, so I ask him "What are you looking for?" " I lost my money yesterday in the park" " How many?" " $50000" " I found this strange envelope here yesterday maybe it's your money" " Oh, yes it's my money thanks you so much" " It's ok I just want to help each other"

The End

Story - Rayhan Ramayudanto


About a month ago, I was window shopping at one of shopping center in Jakarta. I’m there with my friend from school, it was Monday evening when my school was holiday.

When I was walking at that shopping center, I suddenly saw many people come to apple store at that time a had no idea what they doing there. Then I come there too because I want to know what they doing there. When I already there, I knew immediately that they are playing with apple device.